Immanenz als Präsenz originärer Selbstgebung des Lebens


  • Rolf Kühn Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Parole chiave:

Michel Henry, Fenomenologia, Vita, Immanenza, Auto-donazione


According to Henry, the crucial point of an investigation into life as a "phenomenon" of its own kind ultimately culminates in the question of whether there is a material-phenomenological way of presence that is as unambiguous as it is immediate. To think of presence merely as presence in a being-there, whether intuitive, conceptual, temporal or existential, proves inadequate to the essence of presence, insofar as it is purely phenomenological life. For in all the forms of consciousness alluded to, presence would divest itself of the world, would become an appearing whose self-appearance itself as the "essence of manifestation" is then lost, as it mostly was in the philosophical tradition. Nowhere is this clearer than in the first climax of phenomenology: - in Hegel. Consequently, in this work we firstly want to consider the concepts of absolute knowledge and singular self in Hegel and in phenomenology; we then want to deal with the passivity and self-affection in the silence of life, concluding with some reflections on immanence as a renewed phenomenological determination.