Dentro ogni cosa mostrare Dio

Chiesa e artisti insieme per educare alla fede: tematiche, indicazioni, prospettive nel magistero contemporaneo


  • Massimo Naro

Parole chiave:

Arte, Sacro, Chiesa, Artisti


The title of these pages concerns not the sacred and the art, as it is usually noted in the literature about it, but the Church and the artists, joined in the pedagogic effort, to which the pastoral guide-line, shared with the italian bishops, are strengthly aiming in the last years. As a matter of fact the pedagogic effort is a relationship, therefore it involves many persons, such as the ecclesiastical community and the artists, invited to make an alliance of cooperation and reciprocal training. Actually the couple sacred/art pertains to a very complicated relationship which was for ages the reason of misunderstandings even terminological: art itself has been considered as sacred, religious, spiritual and so on the semantics around these concepts has been clarified only through great efforts, with the contribution of the Council and the Popes of the second period of the twentieth century. In this work we refer to the contribute of this magistery.